In places and on thoughts

I am in a dream

I still felt funny floating feeling while I was sleeping last night. Rather than sound sleep that a cold night would embrace me with, I felt like I was taking a nap in the day time. As strange as it may sound, I have been under the blurry state of mind. I am not sure whether I am dreaming (or worse sleepwalking). Perhaps the length of the program (which seems very short after I felt the beauty of the place here) resembles to the one characteristic of the dream – transitory – in reality too.

Sea of to-dos & hygiene-phobic lifestyle

The whole morning I have been keeping myself busy. Even my attempt to wake up at 6 am is barely enough for the laundry and some chores. I still have to do a lot of reading designated for the program as well as the books I’ve intended to read during the program. The schedule of the program (although fun and relaxing) is too tight for a student to do his or her daily chores. As a consequence, I have to stay up late to do the laundry and arranging things.

My eyes were crying for sleep when I have left for Food Zoo in the morning where I have a discussion with friends from my country on our project. After brainstorming for a couple of ideas, we agreed to work on the plan to solve the firewood consumption in the rural area. When we had a meeting with Len and Nick, they both seemed to be interested in the project too. Which means some of the burden of work (or rather thoughts about work) on my shoulder have unloaded to certain extent.

I have found one shocking example of the hygiene-phobic lifestyle. A chef behind the counter of ham-burger just threw the meat into the bin when he learned that the meat was a little bit ‘burned’ for the customer who doesn’t like it to be a little bit ‘burned’. In my opinion, this meat can go to a customer who would like it to be a little bit burned unless they have hygiene-phobia.

Bear, Native American and Human Greed

I have around three hours to kill and when someone invited me to visit Your Bookstore, I can’t resist the idea though I have visited it for tow times in three days. The books about Native American and bears get most of my attention. Native American and bears might be completely different things to each other but while my eyes were running on the pages of these books, a thought hit me like lightning and I noticed one thing they shared –both of them were destroyed by the human greed.

It is very sad to see the statistics showing how the population of the bears has gone down due to excessive hunting and deforestation. I also learned a shocking fact there that how the early settlers to the North America have done a genocide of rather peaceful native people. It is the human greed that has drawn all the resources of the world, which takes millions of years to fill again. For a species or a culture of human group, they are just extinct and will never come back to the earth.

Two lectures on the US

In the two lectures we had today, I did not feel satisfied as much as I expected. But I must confess first that I am very prone to disappointment. The first lecture is Americans by the Numbers by Dr. Suzy. I like the personalities of Suzy instantly but I did not enjoy the contents of the lecture, which should be just aimed at the high school students. After all the videos of Hollywood, massive media and social websites on the Internet, who would need to be told about the basic statistics of the United States?

The contents of the second lectures are more interesting but it cannot avoid the clichés as done by most Americans who think their country is new to us –I know how freedom/liberty, equality, citizenship and self-government is related to the United States. But Dr. Rob is an honest man. He talked about not only the good faces of the US such as equality and self-government but also the polarization of the political parties, political gridlock and so on.

Caras Park

I find it amusing to hear the name of the park similar to the pronunciation of the work, ‘karass’. Karass which was coined by Kurt Vonnegut in my favorite novel, Cat’s Cradle means a group of people who are closely bound to each other by Holy reasons. I like the music, food and people there. But still I cannot avoid Styrofoam plate and plastic cup when I have food and drinks. The problem with the Styrofoam and plastic materials are that they are very convenient for people but not for the environment.

I have been thinking about it long ago. Every human being are more or less culprit for, if any, environmental crimes. How much of our day-to-day activities affect the environment? Even washing clothes and dishes, having shower or shampoo and commuting involve a great deal of harm to the environment. The best thing to stop all these things is to stop all the activities of humans. But sadly we can’t.


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