Fish Sauce and Ketchup

Since the first day I arrived the United States, I have been trying many kinds of food here, to name but a few, Italian pizza, Chinese Broccoli & Shrimp, Hamburger. Every dish reminds me of my first experience in a well-known French restaurant in Thailand. Watching Julia Child cooking French cuisine on her TV show often makes my stomach move and this is the reason why I hop to the restaurant. After the main course is served, I ask the chef for sauce de poisson or fish sauce. I believe that you all know how embarrassing it is. Now, in the U.S., I usually murmur to myself that why dont I bring fish sauce along. Actually, my mom had told me a hundred times that Dont forget the fish sauce. Ultimately, I have not brought it along. However, the point is that my tongue is so vulnerable to the taste of any kinds of food here, even Thai food. I have been struggling a lot to fulfill my culinary delight which has not yet happened up to the present time. The only thing with which I am familiar is water. Apart from water, every single dish makes me miss fish sauce so much. Nonetheless, I finish every dish here thanks to its price. Sociologically, when people accept new foods, they do so most readily when their culture already has a place for them[1] (sic!). I believe that Pad Thai is not a weird name in Missoula since I have recently seen this certain menu almost everywhere I go. At the moment, I am thinking about Pad Thai with carrot or sweetened chicken (according to my amazingly troublesome tongue) or even tomato ketchup. I am not sure whether the said space literally and theoretically exists, but I am pretty sure that there is, practically, such space here in the U.S. Why? Because Pad Thai here comes with carrot and sweetened chicken! However, I still desperately need fish sauce and I think it is about time to put my butt in gear to buy fish sauce no matter the price is!


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