“Happy Independence Day”

Today is 238th Anniversary of United State Independence Day. There is a lot of picnics and barbecues and other festivals in US, especially in Montana. I’m really enjoying that I be here in United State and Montana on Independence Day.

In the morning, we, YSEALIs, were going to "Garden of 1000 Buddhas", cultivation in peace to people and preserving the ancient culture of Tibet, at 10:30 before any events. It’s a 30 minutes from Miller Hall.

"Garden of 1000 Buddhas"

​When I was in there, it is so amazing! Really peaceful, too quiet that we had to silent as well. Garden was constructed as one thousand Montana-made images of the Buddha, arranged in the shape of an eight-spoked Dharma Wheel and the Great Mother of Transcendent Wisdom was in the centre. After taking nearly 1 hour, we moved another one called "Powwow".

"Salish Powwow"

Powwow is not too far away from Garden of 1000 Buddhas, just take a minute.

In powwow, there are many ​stores and restaurants in there. Even it’s seem like expensive in there, I shopping and took lunch. After that, we were introduced with "Snake Dance", performed by Red Indian. I can’t unbelievable that I could see Indian’s culture in reality. I did dancing with them, take photos and enjoined with their songs, feeling like Indian.

"Arlee Rodeo"

Since I was a boy, crazy about with cowboys by watching "Tom and Jerry". Now, they are in front of my eyes. I thought it was a dream. There is no belief who, nearly 10 years old girl, is riding a horse. Oh! I’m sure that being laughs and clapping for their horse riding made me keep in my brain forever.

​After came back from Powwow, we shared dinner each other like a family. It’s awesome…man! How lovely it was…!!!

"Fireworks Viewing"


Hiking is my favourite hobby ​that I used to do. I believe that hiking with friends make them team-work and more friendship. It also make our body strong and healthy. Hiking M-Trail is the best ever landscape that I ever seen before. I wish to hike again!!!

Happy Independence Day and best days to you all!
Min Ga Lar Par


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