Rafting and Barbecuing!!!!!!!!

I remembered setting the alarm clock at 6:00AM, but I did not know why I woke up at 7:30 AM without any siren alert. Perhaps, I unconsciously pressed the stop button on the phone and then stepped back on my bed again. That was truly weird. I was quite lucky on grounds that the library orientation was held at 11:00 AM. If not, I would miss the advantageous course of instruction at Maureen and Mike Mansfield library for sure.

A friend of mine texted me and asked me to go out to the grocery store. We both wanted to store up food for dinner and for next breakfast. Instant noodle, cherries, eggs were what we purchased for our sources of energy. Although the orientation time started in the afternoon, I and my friends were eventually unpunctual. We tried to run hurriedly from the Miller hall, but unluckily reached the library by five-minute late. Anyway, Karen Jaska, an orientation lecturer, told us that it was fine because the orientation had not started yet.

The library is tremendously huge which consists of 3 levels. Comparing to the library in my country, it is very pole-part. The main level (Level 3) has a big computer room and a document printing shop available, it is also the place where I can ask for helps and directions. At the time reaching the second level, I was truly astounded with the gigantic size of the room and the colossal number of the books. The room was well-organized, clean and noiseless. There was also a computer room, where I can use to find e-books and book codes. I can download journals or research documents directly from the university website by using my own Net ID. I wish I could use this ID until hell freezes over. Hahaha

After the lunch, YSEALI participants were entirely picked up for a rafting trip by a yellow school bus. I saw this bus only in the movies, and I have never expected I would experience in my real life. “AWESOME”, a word I described! Also, I could really say this is my first time having a rafting trip at Black Foot River. At first, we were all lectured on safety and an initial introduction to rafting. Then, we were given puddles and life jackets before heading to the river. Sitting on the inflatable raft and passing through the white water were so thrilling and exciting for me. The more the water got rough, the more we had a good great time. However, there were couple of things really shocked me. A rafting guard demonstrated me there were old crashed trains which were left under the bridge. A half mile later, I unexpectedly saw three crashed planes which were carried by train derailed into nearby river. At first, I thought that it was just a ballon as an airline advertising tools or some funny stuffs. In fact, it was trains carrying the plane parts to Boeing’s Washington state factory derailed past Thursday. These planes crashed before they even left the ground! What a disastrous!

To sum up, I love rafting 🙂

As Daniel’s idea, we had a barbecue party in front of the Miller Hall. We all had fun taking photos and enjoyed dinning together. International friends in the miller hall also joined us. They were so friendly and easy to get on with.

Today was so marvellous.


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