The first sunday in Missoula, Montana

It was my first time jogging around the campus since I have been here. Actually, it was quite cold in the morning, although I and Sue (one of my roommates) still wanted to do so as we have planned. An hour passed by walking and sharing the culture of how Cambodian and Burmese ladies dress usually. I would say it was not only for working out but also for strengthening our friendship as well.

As I had noticed, some of us went to the “ SOUTHGATE MALL”, right after having breakfast, where it takes 25mn far away from our campus by riding the bike. And some stayed in their rooms and finished the reading assignment in order to be ready for class tomorrow.

Asian Meal, I feel HOME

At almost 6pm, we arrived the Shushu and Tuyen house since they have invited us for a dinner and to have a discussion about their experience of escaping from Laos to the United State when Laos was communist country. They are Vietnamese and Mr. Tri, Tung and Van are their sons. This Vietnamese family has been living in Missoula, Montana for almost 40-year.

Talking about the food, there are many kinds of Asian food which is cooked by Shushu and Ameican fruit, which are Apricots, Nectarines, Watermelon and Cherries. Honestly, I felt like home while I was eating those meals. I can see everyone’s smile when they could have such the delicious Asian food here. I remembered Tien had 3 plates for this dinner and Mell got two plates in the same time. I would say we do love and miss this kind of food. The food is all gone right after 30mn, It was not because Shushu cooked the small amount of meal, but it was about we ate a lot a lot of them.

The discussion started after everyone looked so full with the great dinner. Thank you so much Shushu. We were sitting as a circle and Shushu and Tuyen started to share their family’s journey as immigrants in the U.S. Personally, I think it is an inspired experience how to struggle the obstacle in your lifetime. You may not know what will happen in next day, but you need to know how passionate you are to keep on doing something you really want to make a change and feel ready to do so. You might not be able to get something you dream if you are demotivated and easily give up in the middle of the path. Tuyen also shared us about his most shocking moment while he and his family were on the way coming to the U.S. What I have realized clearly is that family is the most important part of our life. You might feel down once while you have been facing the tough time for quite long but your family will be your great energy for you to keep moving on.

That was such a wonderful chance for me to have an Asian meal from the great chef, Shushu and learn from the real life’s lesson in order to be ready for fighting any obstacle in my own life.

Again, thank you so much Shushu and Tuyen for this warm and wonderful dinner. I am so glad to be invited to your house.

Colors 🙂

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