Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. . .Oscar Wilde

Today was another awesome day. We had a great opportunity to learn and build up our leadership skills with many experienced speakers. To be honest, I loved the class with Mr. Zack Porter the most. It was all about harnessing the power of storytelling which moved me a lot.

“Wild Montana” was a movie the speaker played for us during the class with two open questions of how we felt about the movie and what we were going to do after watching. For me, it was really tough to watch such a nostalgic movie. And I almost got emotional.

Back to my childhood time (that’s what the class was aboutr: sharing story), I had a very great time living with my grandpa (the old guy in the movie really reminded me of my grandpa. Ohh c’ mon!! So emotional!). He always took me to a field so that we could have a large space to run around and play together. Sometimes, we went to a small forest to pick fruits. To tell you the truth, we were really happy living our life with nature (like people in Montana.) And growing up with the nature was the most awesome part of my life.

But when time passed by, everything was, of course, changed. My grandpa passed away. (I was so sad that I didn’t have a chance to say even a last goodbye to him.) Worse, in the same year, a large piece of land over there, including the field and the forest, was sold to some rich people. So I had nothing left but beautiful memory.

Well, well (like Angelina Jolie’s voice in Maleficent–go watch it if you haven’t. So great), I’m not making a big drama, but all I want to tell you here is for you to do the best for whom and what you love while you still can. It doesn’t need to be only a person or stuff. It can be a place or society or anything around you. Losing them is like losing a part of your life. Imagine how you would feel if tomorrow is the last day you can see your dad and mom who have worked all their life for you, or hear your friends’ laughter that can makes you laugh too, or live in your country where you grow up, or even be happy with us in Montana. Ohhhh mann. . .very sad. . .right? So now let’s do it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

BTW. Today I had a flower for my salad (no idea what it’s called and not sure whether it’s edible. But I think yes cuz I’ve eaten lol). To be honest, it was terrible. I felt nauseous right away after eating. Now still smell it. If you wanna try one, go check it out at Food Zoo!! Maybe you’ll like it. However thx to that flower to take me out of the comfort zone. I normally don’t try something weird like this.


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