A visit to the Heart of Montana

Today is a special morning; every YSEALI student was busy preparing for an exciting trip to Helena which is the capital city of the state of Montana. I got up earlier than other days because I have a habit that I usually feel super excited to travel somewhere new. I filled my stomach with my usual quick breakfast before leaving from Miller Hall. Sadly, Aung who is one of YSEALI students could not able to join with us for this visit to Helena. At 7:25 am, we all were ready to start our visit to Helena.

It is not all about a boring highway

As soon as we were on the highway of Missoula to Helena, we asked Nick who was driving for us how long the trip would take. He said it is about 2 hours and so we might take a nap on the way. It was a little hard for me to fall asleep because I do not want to miss the beautiful scenery of Montana. I found the highway streets here in Montana possess a natural gift like little streams and rivers flowing along and high wild mountains parallel to the street. It was seriously hot outside but we felt quite comfortable because of the air-conditioner in the car. I was happy to look outside view and take a nap comfortably. About an hour later, we stopped at a shop beside the highway for a while. The shop provides book exchange system which was our favorite. And so we had some memorable things along a highway street of Montana.

Capitol Tour: where I learnt a lot about Montana State policy

I was impressed as I saw the huge Capitol building. We were able to know about the building and its interesting history. We visited to Senate Chamber which has a brilliant history and an effective moving. We were welcomed by Mr. Tim Baker who is Natural Resources Policy Director and he explained about how this capitol of state is working and environmental issues they are facing right now. All in all, it was a great chance for me to have Capitol Tour in Helena.

Am I in Asia?

I thought like this while I was eating Chinese buffet as my lunch. I have to describe about this part because this is also an important part of the day. Yeah, of course, I ate a lot!

Montana’s Historical Museum

At first, we had a plan to visit to Gates of the Mountains. But we would have to wait for about a hour and half if we want to take a tour by boat at that time. So, we changed our plan to Montana’s Historical Museum. We all were keen to make our time valuable by observing history of Montana. The museum displays about history and culture of Montana. We bought some souvenirs and quickly started a visit to Gates of the Mountains.

Time to have a boat tour at Gates of the Mountains

I believe Montana has a beautiful landscape. Today we visited to an unforgettable ancient natural place which is called “Gates of the Mountains”. We had a six mile tour by boat and experienced wild nature of river and mountains. The captain explained about this place along the tour.

Check-in to hotel and visiting to downtown

After checking- in to hotel we were going to stay tonight, we had a surprised plan about visiting to downtown. We had ice-creams, taking pictures and enjoyed the evening.

Here are some photos I took for today. Not only today but also everyday here in Montana learning about environmental issues and culture of US and South East Asian countries are valuable days for my life. Yeah, also today is going to a great day of my life!

Hoping to learn more,

Nwe Ni Win @ Hong

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