daily blog by kookai :


I got a call from a number I didn’t save, I picked up and it’s Lily (Lao). I was reminded that it was time for class! OMG, I got up immediately and looked for the schedule. At 8:20 meet with Mel and discuss about today’s schedule, at 8:30 class will be started. My head was spinning around I didn’t even know what I would do first?! Finally I finished everything and arrived class at 8:26, it was such a horrible moment that everything was in a rush and I blamed on myself that I was careless, I stopped my alarm three times and I thought 5 more minutes then I’d wake up, but I didn’t, shame on me I’m here in the states not in Laos, I have to always be on time, it’s about time management that I need to be more improved, so I can adapt for better life when I go back home.


Professor came in, my seat was switched, I looked and each name tag and found that both of my roommates Millie (Vietnamese) and Hong (Burmese) were missing too, their seats were empty, people tried to call them but unsuccessful, at first I was upset that they left without knocking my door, but now I smiled, what a funny day they both were sleeping too.

Dr. Dane Scott held a discussion addressing issues of societal ethics and the ethical practices of land professionals. This class was fun and seemed all students enjoyed watching videos and being questioned and separated to groups discussing about our countries. When the class finished I remembered Kyle ( Cambodian), who sat next to me told me that this was the only class he didn’t feel sleepy ><”


We travel to Laura and Henry’s organic farm in Hamilton, it took us about an hour, it was fun collecting potatoes bugs and played with the dogs hahaha I saw everyone loves them and it was also my first time to touch the goats, in my country there is no goat.


After scrumptious lunch made by Laura, I grabbed bunch of cookies and I was so sure everyone did ><’’.

We headed back to the Rocky Mountain Laboratories that Mel drove pass by. YSEALI group including me had extremely interesting classes there about RML and Nipah Virus, we were taken to observe the laboratories and where the scientists dressed before get in to the lab level 4. I am not a fan of sciences but this got a lot of my attention.


Returned to Miller hall, I had an appointment with Millie, Daniel and Vathna to go to Clark Fork River near by the dorm and I told them to go first because I had to finish washing my clothes. 15minuts later I went alone and I got lost, it took me about 20 minutes to come back to the dorm and started trying new way over again. Finally I arrived but I didn’t see no one, I tried to call but no one picked up the phone, I thought I was left, I looked around the stream we came before, 10 minutes later I saw no one so I decided to come back, but then I found them at the other side of river.


We were surprised seeing the moon upon the M, it’s completely different from my hometown that 9pm here wasn’t dark yet. We took a lot of photos, visited the park to see the live concert and find some food but it was closed, Daniel and I went to buy something to eat but Subway, Mc Donald, Taco Bell all were closed as well. We decided to go to Albertson and we got lost again, meanwhile I also lost my Iphone charger and when we came back to the hall I couldn’t get in to the room immediately because I left the card inside, Millie and Hong were still outside, these show how careless I am. Anyway, a thousand Cam On (thank you) to Daniel for cooking me dinner, Udong mixed with Kimchi and Tofu which looked weird but extremely delicious, thank you and good night 🙂

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