Graceful Glimpsed

The great boundaries between mankind and nature has been broken as the way that water carve its way through stone, it cut out the way that stone itself linked, as the beauty was embraced by its own perfection, emerged by gratitude of gravity. This mystical conjunction is still in the battle of such hallucinated disorder in believed that the chain is strong enough to hold the stand forever.

“Don’t look back” suggested mine. It will be a very painful glimpsed toward the historical wounded that yet to heal, this fail surgery won’t lead this torment conviction cross any shorter. However, it wouldn’t be any burden for some specific homo sapiens to reflect toward this circulation of faith, who knows! It might be not a real faith though.

“Don’t look back” the sound found me on the peak of the mountain, where I stood and let myself hairs float. Artificially, I held the key, zipped tight next to the perfect living pinnacle that came in the first place among this race. That was the first time, I found myself so lonely, so truly, so desperately, so conceivably beaten up toward this self-satisfaction.

You wouldn’t understand no matter how hard I try to explain, because, to recall of those imprinted on every spot such reminiscences, is otherwise, an act of the inner suicide. You can’t ever open the door if you don’t have a key. So turn right, look forward and transfer those scenario into the future. Finally, as I never thought the view couldn’t be any more beautiful as it mocked toward my least impression perspective.

I wouldn’t write something so crazy if I wasn’t crazy, that what you thought! It’s okay, because I still can’t forget this summer even saying goodbye.

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