The Flying Elephant’s blog ^^

By: Lily

Have you ever read the blog which its context has no relate to the title?, have you ever read the funny blog which is written by the prettiest girl (???) in YSEALI? ^^ have you ever read the blog which the writer cannot control herself to write a short story because she has a lot of things to say?. If your answer is ‘ no, I haven’t’, I would answer ‘here it is :)’. In this blog, I will talk about my weekend with my super kind host family which no relate with the flying elephant okay? ^^. But, i confirm that it would be absolutely fun!!!!!
9:30 AM
That was the time me and my roommate ‘Susu’ woke up, it was the first time that we got up late. After taking a shower, me, Susu, Suzanne (our host) and Erica (Suzanne’s daughter) went to the farmer’s market. We had a raspberry pastry and it was so yummy! I guess I already loved american food especially Ice cream and bakery, oops >.<. There are 3 zones in the farmers market, 2 for vegetable and one for clothes and accessories, we walked around there for 2 hours, there are a lot of interesting things,a second hand cloth shop, a recycle shop which recycle the plastic bag to be the rug which is beautiful, see? how much creative they are!! I wish I could be creative as them -.-. After a long walking, we stopped by the tent which held the Marathon, and guess who I saw there!! Dr. Bill Borrie!!! the speaker who talked about the public policy issues in Natural Resource Management, he was the volunteer in Marathon and I couldn’t remember him at first because he worn a t shirt and a short! not a formal one, people look different when they are wearing different style of clothes and Dr.Bill as well.
12:00 pm
We went back home and headed to the ‘ Snow Bowl!!’ which has no snow during this time -.- I wish it was winter today but it’s absolutely impossible haha. we spent around 20 minutes to the snow bowl and we had pizza for lunch there, the pizza in the snow bowl is extremely delicious!! believe me it is the best pizza in town!!.The snow bowl is the place that people go skying in winter, but this time is summer so we cannot ski huh! we used chair lift to went up to the mountain, the view is so beautiful, I wish I could come to see it again with all YSEALI friends :). Ah, I forgot to say that we met Yozhik and Kyle,unfortunately me and Su went down when they were going, we didn’t have a chance to make a conversation, but had an opportunity to take a photo for each other :).
4:00 pm
The time when we arrived home, we walked a lot to day and it made me and Su a bit tired. we took a nap a little bit which took 2 hours ( is it a little bit? I have no idea haha) and then we went to the Hip Strip fashion show and concert. I like it a lot, we had a good time there and we met Catdy and Vathna our friends!!! we had a short conversation and taking photos together. Our host family Suzanne and Jim are very kind and friendly so that they have a lot of friends, we had a chance to talked with their friend and they are all friendly. I think the Genius World Record should mention Missoula as the city that has a lot of friendly people in the world :D.
9:30 pm
coming back home and done my blog, I sat outside the house which has a small table and chair with the friendly weather at night in order to motivate my brain to think about what I should write in this blog. And finally, 11:51 pm was the time I had finished my crazy blog -.-.
Actually I have many things to say but something I can not explain into words because I don’t know how to say in English??!! >.< ha ha just kidding, it’s about the feeling, sometimes we can not describe something that is meaningful and super amazing for us. Because even we say it into a word, people will not understand until day experience it by themselves.
It’s time to go to bed for me now, I believe that all of my friends will have a good time with their host family as well. And also Deena, Mel, Nik hopefully this weekend they will take a rest and get well relax after taking care of us about 2 weeks long :). Have a nice weekend everyone. See you on Monday dudes!!!

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