By: Phu Ngo Thanh

Michael Smith is the president and CEO of Algae Aqua Culture Technology (AACT), a company designing and building integrated systems for the sustainable and profitable production of energy and agricultural products. AACT was established on February 22nd 2009 by funding of Montana State Department of Environmental Quality.

The company reveals the curiosities of individuals who had notion to use natural processes to extract energy from algae because algae is very cool. It’s one of the oldest microorganisms on our planet. Algae is also a fast growing energy rich “plant”. Have you ever seen a green power house? For me this is the first time I could see a great system combining sunlight, waste wood materials, and technical systems to generate energy, water, and soil building and conditioning products.

For producing energy, they hydrolyzed wood waste in a system to make bio oil. There’s also another way to make biofuel by feeding algae with after-burned gases (CO2, NO2,…) and digesting algae by bacteria to make methane. They can generate four different kinds of fuel which they can turn into electricity to power one hundred homes. They reclaim hundreds of gallon water each day from wood masses. Each week they make two tons of fertilizing soil products that competent to regenerate and revitalize agricultural soil by not only replenishing the nitrogen potassium phosphate to soil but also returning carbon minerals and micronutrients to the soil. In fact, they actually not produce any waste and use waste as a source of many beneficial eco-products. Last but not least, the green power house facility has vertical form inside it, so they can grow foods in their ground and one facility basically power one hundred houses or it can power the entire community by itself.

I couldn’t imagine a world where green power houses everywhere and in every community has a renewable source of fuels, water, soil, and space to grow foods. Green power house is an amazing invention for helping our planet. One green power house will pay for five years and an array of six green power houses will pay for more than that. The green power house is one way that we can own our dreams for healthy, balanced, and eco-friendly planet can come true.

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