Betrayal, Baby trees, Beans, and Boxes

note to friends and self in the future:
If you want to revisit your experience today by checking out the program book, don’t forget to look at 22 July instead of 21!
(Except for the ball game, that one stays on Tuesday 22!)

Betrayal of the clouds

Today the clouds rested on the mountains – so close that they were almost there at our fingertips
(and if other person on other mountain take a look at us, we might have been walking among the clouds already – only we couldn’t observe that ourselves)

Moist and chilly from the yesterday’s rain, the weather betrayed us!

"Dress casually in clothes that can get dirty for the Clark Fork River service project" the program book said. Predictably, a number of people (me included of course) dressed lightly, preparing to get wet then to dry up quickly.

When we set foot outside of Miller Hall, running behind schedule – it was too late.

The Montana Summer had betrayed us!

Samui desu ne, iroiro-san!
[it's so cold, Colors!]

Might be a good idea to arrive early and walk outside Miller Hall a bit – so if anything goes unexpectedly, we’ll have enough time to run back and change clothes!

Newborn trees; older than us
or, Milltown Dam without the d*mn Dam

At the pinch-point among Garnet; Rattlesnake; and Sapphire, Mr.Mike Kustudia (no, he’s not Japanese) told us the story of how Nature heals herself.

After the dam was removed, the river even out the depth of the riverbed, leaving the man-made, drastic depth of the dam behind.
After a hundred years of waiting, cottonwood seeds emerges from the earth when things are alright again.
It’s stunning to realize that when we provide damaged environment supports, it can restore itself back again – slowly but surely.

We are here to figure out how to provide said supports : )

Complete questionnaires with – peas!

In Leadership with Local People session today with Dr.Len, we ate peas!
Too much of a oversimplification isn’t it – LOL

This session really brought answers to our ever-present problem: how to make our projects last when we’re gone?
Don’t do our projects. Make it theirs instead.
Avoid the Tragedy of the Commons with Common Pool Resource Management, and make the development project theirs with PRA*. Draw maps and talk. Let they guide you through their community. Vote with peas. Make data-gathering fun. Make the information theirs.

"Give tools to the local and assume they can do it, unless stated otherwise"

*Participatory Rural Appraisal or Participatory Resource Assessment

p.s. Ms Deena, let’s do weekly evaluation with peas! We can gather in the lounge, give our opinions, write down comments, and munching peas happily together! : D

Our most-beloved Food Zoo
Especially if you are broke from yesterday’s shopping madness!
p.s. Breakfast on 23 July will be our last meal at Food Zoo. So make sure you bring your camera to take a selfie with our all-you-can-eat-to-give-your-poor-stomach-other-food-than-noodle cafet!

Then we met The Boss with his right hand man/woman. Live long and prosper (and get the 1000 USD grant), my friends.

Is 8-kg enough for you?

Or should I say, is 30x30x15 cm enough for you?

What about your suitcases? Swelling? Bulging? Bursting!?
I have no idea how to answer these questions; packing still in progress! 50:50 chance of being able to zip up the bags or unable to!
(should have thought of that before went crazy at Book Exchange – LOL!)

Just in case anybody need a better way to pack, here’s the method I’m relying on:
min. 0:55 – 7:00 onwards
for me, it’s easier than rolling up clothing items =w=

Have fun packing! Don’t lose heart, we can make it! Without organizing a moving sale ‘Luggage exceeds limit – everything must go!’!


Wish your suitcases the best of health and lack of obesity,
Alena : )

21:00 21 July 2014

Miller Hall, Missoula, Montana

Let’s have a popcorn party sometime xD

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