Today’s blogger is Yozhik of Thailand.

Time does have wings and it flies toooo fast. We have only one week left! But don’t cry, dear. At least, we have one more week to go in Louisiana and DC.

But before that time comes, now keep calm and read my blog! Below are some of the things I think they are very awesome and worth reading and reminding when we have to leave.

1. Welcome to Missoula

As you all know, Thai group didn’t share the flight to Missoula with the other country groups and that made us, one and only, arrive here the latest. Anyway, I have to thank to Deena and Mel for picking us up even though it’s almost 10 in the evening. To tell you the truth, I really appreciate that. Deena and Mel looked really happy seeing us and that moment really blew me away. It was the warmest welcome ever received. Ehhh? Or they were happy cuz they were just like “Ohhh finally, they came. I wanna go home and sleep real bad.” LoL KIDDING! I INDEED could feel their hospitality and heartfelt welcome.

2. Miller Hall, a place where we sleep (in)

Arriving at Miller Hall, Daniel, my roommate took me around to show where things were—lounge, room, toilet and so on, and also introduced me to the other roommie, Benjamin. Honestly, the room was beyond expected. Everything was very well prepared (but now it’s quite a mess.). The only thing I felt a bit uncomfortable with was the toilet. The shower curtain was too high from the floor. It was almost above my knees and as you may know, that was pretty close to that point. Anyway, I’m now quite used to it.

3. NAC 103 *yawning*

My definition of classroom is a place where students go to and feel sleepy, sometimes fall asleep. Yes, kinda same here in NAC 103! Maybe some lecturers just had a magic to make students sleepy. But what’s more than yawning and sneaking a nap were the beginning of friendship and the extension of knowledge. This place was where we first met, laughed, learned and said “YSEALI” when taking a “group photo.”

4. super fun ACTIVITIES

All activities here were extremely fun. For me, rafting is the best. Actually, I had sworn to myself not to do that again since bamboo rafting almost took my life five years ago. Maybe, Obama is right that anything is possible in America. That’s why I could overcome my fear and do rafting again. Another activity I really like is home stay with host family. Firsthand experience in American culture and life is so amazing and unforgettable.

PS. I got some beads from my host fam. Let’s see if it works with girls in Louisiana. Gonna be so fun!

5. People, you guys are more than awesome

Thanks God for giving me a great chance to meet great people. Without Deena, I couldn’t imagine how the program would be. She is on top of everything (Mel, probably 2 days ago). The Best Organized Woman of the Year should go to her. Another super awesome guy on earth is Dr. Len. No Ph. D would be this funny. He is so smart that he could turn the word “YSEALI” to smiles and laughter. The next are Nick, Mel, Christ and Mercedes. Without four of them, we might sleep in everyday and of course, we would never get this fun. Last but not least, y’all, YSEALI! It’s been so amazing spending time with you guys. We all are different, but when it comes to environment, we are the same.

PS. All lecturers, host families, and Missoulians are also awesome. Two ways thumbs up for them.

It doesn’t matter how much time we have left together. What matters is how happy we are as a part of YSEALI 2014.

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