By Catdy

By opening my eyes with the feeling of being extremely sad and awfully heartbroken, I did not want to take shower or do anything except going back to bed and keep up dreaming. I could not believe that I am going to leave the place where I just started spending the fruitful moment and the challenging experience I have never had before. Time has passed by so fast and I have to move to New Orleans tomorrow to go along with rest of program schedule. It sounds amusing and tiring simultaneously in the big city.

As we have worked on our project almost 4 weeks, it was the time to reveal our masterpieces to our folks. Also, it was the day that all representatives of every country have to perform the presentation of their own projects. Overall, every groups came up with distinctively initiative ideas as well as the constructive discussions during the session. To be honest, I could really say that I have gained precious lessons from this program especially from lectures, the great speakers and from my friends who are obviously distinctive than me. Although our presentation was quite confusing and consisted plenty of inadequate information, we promise to reflect and improve it more. After the program evaluation, Deena passed on the final cash disbursement, which prompted me to be over the moon because I was totally broke from last 4 days…. LOL

In the afternoon, I went back to the Miller Hall in order to energize myself up. Frankly, I really missed having lunch at the “FoodZoo” where I could eat various of food unlimitedly. However, I had instant noodle and fried chicken as my lunch which was cooked by Lily and Thien. I really love it because of its spicy taste. After that, I turned back the bicycle to the university and then met up with my team to rehearse our traditional performance.

At 4:00pm, we headed to Shy Bear Farm for our last dinner in Montana. On the way there, we got lost for 2 times. However, we reached safely while the food was well served. We took some short tour throughout the farm and ate some tasty raspberries. Later on, the great moment happened after having dinner with those mouthwatering foods. I had a chance to learn American culture specifically the way they dance called “ Contra Dance”. It was so much fun and everyone exceedingly enjoyed with that amusing atmosphere. After that, YSEALI participants amazed the guests by getting on the floor with their gorgeous traditional costumes and traditional dancing. I really love this moment J.

Back to the Miller hall, I had to say “ TIME TO PACK UP” J

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