A Lesson from Nature and A beginning of changing

It has been about four weeks that we are with YSEALI program studying global environmental issues in the United States. And now we just have only a week to explore this amazing land in Louisiana and Washington D.C . On July 26, we took a flight from Montana where we had most of our program activities to New Orleans where we were going to study about Hurricane Katrina and environmental issues of Louisiana. On July 27, we visited to the aquarium of American, several museums and French market.

On July 28, we went to Bayou Bienvenue which is a Westland-Based Sewage Treatment Side. Mr.Arthur Jonhson who is the Executive Director of Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development (CSED) gave us a discussion about how they are managing the Bayou after Hurricane Katrina. Developing cities and economy has caused a bad impact to natural environment. Losing wetlands and building canals and levees along the Mississippi river are major facts which make Louisiana to suffer more damage of Hurricane Katrina. Since 50 years ago, Bayou Bienvenue wetland triangle had served as storm protection, recreation and natural beauty for the people. It has turned into an open-water brackish marsh because of levee construction and canal-building. Hurricane Katrina has been a nightmare for the people as it took away people’s life, happiness and hope. But it is also a wake-up call and emergency signature for people to care more about the environment.

I visited to the Louisiana State Museum on July 27. There is a memorial of Hurricane Katrina where people can explore about hurricanes stroke in Louisiana. We cannot stop natural disasters but we can prevent ourselves not to suffer a lot. Most of disasters can be said as “Man-made” as they are impacts of human’s wrong decisions. Both developing and developed countries face these issues as they all aim on just developing economic and country.

Mary Queen of Viet Nam community development corporation was established to assit Vietnamese-Americans in New Orleans East to rebuild their lives and community after hurricane Katrina. They provide health care, environmental and agricultural concerns, education, social services, economic development and culture exposure to the community. Now they have been building business networks, and developing education and health care.

We are going to Washington D.C. tomorrow. Even though I have stayed in New Orleans just for three days, I am impressed by the culture and new experiences from this big city. Big easy! The City of Jazz! New Orleans! Diversity makes you wonderful! Historical culture shows your power! So,just let environmental development grows together with economic to be a perfect place of the world.

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