need more extension!!!

By Lily

My YSEALI friends and I have 1 day left in the United States!!! I cannot believe that we have spent over a month here! I missed Miller Hall already. I want to turn the time back to the 1st of July again in order to extend our time in Missoula as well as New Orleans and Washington D.C.

During 5 weeks in the United States, it looks like I am dreaming. Every day, I have a schedule which always tells me what I am going to do for that day. The schedule is becoming a part of my life, I have to check on it almost every time and it makes me get use to with being organized and punctual. I still wonder how I can live without schedule when I come back to my country. I believe that all of YSEALI participants want to stay here longer and longer, no one wants to go back home soon. I got a bunch of experiences, friends, weight (which is too bad for me), and unforgettable memories. All of 5 weeks here, I have done many things that I haven’t thought that I would do it before such as: rope climbing, rafting, hiking and even getting sun burned -.-. Besides, I also gained a lot of knowledge about environmental issues from professional speakers during workshops, lectures and some field trips. Those kinds of activities made me realized more about the environmental problems and the solution to solve them. We have learnt through several of educational method here: studying in the classroom, going out to face the real situation, doing some activities that related to the environment and traveling to other cities and states to see the differences. We had an opportunity to visit New Orleans; we went to the USGS National Wetlands Research Center, discussing about Mekong and Mississippi river. We also had a chance to explore the city during the day as well as the night there. Our last destination is Washington D.C which is the place that I and many of YSEALI friends like the most. When we first arrived here I was amazed by the high and beautiful building along the streets. I could not believe that I was in the District of Columbia at that time. I am sure that everyone has great time in Washington D.C since we had arrived until today.

The time goes so fast. 5 weeks may be very long for some people; but when you attend to the YSEALI program, you will feel that it is very short period and you need more time to enjoy your experiences in the United States!!!

Lastly, I would like to thank you Deena, Dr. Lens, Mel, Nick, Chris and Mercedes for everything that they have done for us. They took care of us very well, I know that sometimes they are tired but they still be energetic and cheerful. I really appreciated them.

Wait! Wait! I still have the highlight one for all YSEALIs!!! It is:

2 words/phrases/sentences that each participant mostly says ;):

1. Alena: ‘teaaaaaa…’, ‘berryyyyyy…’

2. Aung: ‘I have a question’ ( I don’t know what else L)

3. Benjamin always says: ‘yah..’ ‘uh…uh…hmmm…haha..’

4. Colors always says: ‘I got a question’, ‘you are so something’

5. Catdy: ‘guys’, ‘hi, my name is catdy. I’m from Laos’

6. Daniel: ‘the thing is like…’ ‘I have a question’

7. Dr. lens: ‘load up’, ‘group photo’

8. Jasper: ‘hi, I’m Jasper from Laos’, ‘I study IT’

9. Katrina: ‘uhhh…’ ‘oh yeah yeah…’ (I like her laugh ;))

10. Kookkai: always calls ‘Jasperrrrr…’ :P, ‘hi, I’m kookai from Laos’

11. Kyle: ‘I’m Kyle from Cambodia’, ‘actually…’

12. Lily: ‘…like’, ‘something like that’

13. Meghan: ‘…and…’, ‘ hi I’m Meghan from Thailand…’

14. Mel: ‘everyone may I have your attention’

15. Millie: ‘ah…’

16. Nikki: ‘you know…’, ‘…and so on’

17. Nick: ‘how are you doing’, ‘what do you think about…’

18. Phu: ‘…..hah’, ‘can I drink your water?’ 😀

19. Susu: ‘ I like pizza’ :P, ‘I have a question’

20. Tien: ‘ as a political scientist’, ‘ back in Thailand’

21. Tuc: ‘…na’, ‘hi I’m Tuc from Vietnam’

22. Vathna: ‘in my country…’, ‘dude!!’

That’s all I can remember, if there are something wrong, fix it by yourself na :P. The last sentence from me: ‘I’m really glad to be with you guys here, in the United States.’

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